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Bachelor of Arts

We don鈥檛 just teach students to be strong managers but also effective leaders. Since managers influence all aspects of modern organizational life, we prepare students with a well-rounded curriculum comprised of a broad overview of management strategy and specifics about management鈥檚 role, tasks, and practices within an organization. We teach aspiring managers how to guide a business toward its goals, as well as manage people and appropriate resources efficiently. In order to be successful managers, students must also learn how to cohesively integrate vision, skill, experience, and leadership into their management style. Graduates are prepared to begin their careers in entry-level management positions or start their own businesses, and they can also opt to enroll in an MBA program.

In recent years, two of the highest performing students from the Entrepreneurship class were chosen as business plan consulting interns with TC LogiQ, a firm based out of Colorado Springs that specializes in background checks and employment screening, by the CEO of the company.


    The minor in business administration is open to non-business majors only. This minor includes eight courses (24 credits) designed to prepare students with general knowledge of the world of business, along with the communication skills and decision-making tools needed to succeed in business.

    No minor course may be taken on a pass-fail basis, and students must earn a minimum GPA of 2.75 in the required business courses to meet minor program requirements.

    Minor Requirements

    • ACCT 101: Principles of Accounting I/Financial
    • ACCT 102: Principles of Accounting II/Managerial
    • BADM 310: Business Law I
    • ECON 105: Macroeconomics
    • ECON 106: Microeconomics
    • FIN 280: Financial Management
    • MGMT 120: Principles of Management
    • MKTG 162: Principles of Integrated Marketing
    • BADM 275: Operations Management (3 credits)
    • HRMG 206: Human Resource Management (3 credits)
    • MGMT 120: Principles of Management (3 credits)
    • MGMT 226: Human Behavior in Organizations (3 credits)
    • MGMT 405: Quality Leadership (3 credits)
    • STAT 135: Business Statistics (3 credits)

Business Core Curriculum

The defining element of a 杏吧直播间 business degree is a series of core courses that all business majors take, which provide a curriculum designed to foster well-rounded business leaders through hands-on learning in a variety of disciplines. Business students will build a foundation in six different areas of study, which prepares our graduates to be adaptable, collaborative leaders who are ready for today鈥檚 market. Adding a double major or a minor in another area can only add marketability for any chosen industry!