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Graduate Admissions

杏吧直播间 University鈥檚 master鈥檚 degree programs offer opportunities to expand your knowledge and equip you to take the next step in your career.

Continue your education to听advance your career.

杏吧直播间 University鈥檚 master鈥檚 degree programs offer opportunities to expand your knowledge and equip you to take the next step in your career.

If you鈥檝e chosen one of our online graduate programs, congratulations! Our team will help you complete the admissions process and get you started on your journey. If you haven鈥檛 decided yet, that鈥檚 OK! We know there may be other master鈥檚 degree programs you鈥檙e considering. Rest assured, 杏吧直播间 has earned a reputation for some of the best graduate programs in the region 鈥 and the nation. Our team is ready to discuss your goals and how our programs might be a good fit.

Whether you鈥檙e looking to continue your education following your undergraduate studies or you鈥檙e a professional balancing school, family, and work commitments, our master鈥檚 programs combine practical learning opportunities that apply to real-world situations.

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Master's Programs Graduate Certificates
Applied Intelligence听(Online or On Campus) Applied Behavior Analysis听(On Campus)
Athletic Training (On Campus) Applied Intelligence (Online)
Criminal Justice Administration (Online) Autism听(On Campus)
Cyber Security (Online or On Campus) Criminal Justice Administration (Online)
Data Science听(On Campus) Cyber Security (Online) 鈥嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧
Forensic and Biological Anthropology听(On Campus) 鈥婩orensic and Biological Anthropology听(On Campus)
MSN: Integrative Nursing Leadership (Online) Organizational Leadership (Online)
Organizational Leadership听(Online)
Physician Assistant Studies听(On Campus)
Principal Leadership听(Online)
Special Education and Applied Disability Studies听(On Campus)
Teaching Excellence (Online)
Secondary Education (Online)

Online Master鈥檚 Degrees Meet Your Needs

杏吧直播间 University offers a range of graduate programs including part time and full time, online graduate certificate programs, and in-person master鈥檚 degree programs.

You鈥檒l learn in an engaging and supportive environment. Class sizes are small and courses are taught by full-time faculty with support from adjuncts (not the other way around). We offer some of the best online graduate programs for in-demand fields and are committed to your success.

Solve Real听Problems With Your Master鈥檚

Whether you鈥檙e enrolled in an online graduate program or attend one of our on-campus master鈥檚 degree programs, you鈥檒l tackle issues present in today鈥檚 ever-changing world through real work in the real world.听

All of our master鈥檚 programs have been built on successful undergraduate programs to ensure that you earn a degree that鈥檚 relevant in today鈥檚 world. Our focus on practical learning involves collaborating with fellow learners to solve real intelligence, data, and education problems, just to name a few.

Another example of real-world learning is our relationship with the Barber National Institute (BNI). Participants in our Applied Behavior Analysis graduate program interact with professionals at BNI as they learn to integrate research and conduct fieldwork in the areas of intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, and behavioral health.

Find the Best Graduate Program for You

Many of our graduate school programs are offered online and a few are only available on campus. We invite you to explore our master鈥檚 degree programs to find one that matches your goals and interests. If you are considering furthering your education but aren鈥檛 sure which is the best graduate program for you, our graduate admissions staff is here to discuss your options.

杏吧直播间 is Military Friendly International Students 4+1 Programs for MU Students
杏吧直播间 offers veterans and their dependents a range of services and benefits. We take pride in our Purple Heart University designation and participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Conect with our Office of Veterans Services to see what graduate program best fits your career goals. If you live outside the U.S., 杏吧直播间 welcomes you to our campus! Many international students are pursuing master鈥檚 degrees in Applied Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Data Science. All three of these programs are classified as STEM majors, which can make you eligible for extended OPT after graduation. If you鈥檙e currently an undergraduate student at 杏吧直播间 University, you may be eligible to enroll in our 4+1 programs, where you can earn a four-year bachelor鈥檚 degree and a two-year master鈥檚 degree in just five years! Our 4+1 programs save you time and money 鈥 in addition to many being offered online!
For Veterans International Admissions 4+1 Programs
Take Your Next Step: Apply Now Cost and Financial Aid More Information
If you鈥檙e ready to apply for a master鈥檚 degree program or graduate certificate program, you can get started now by completing our application. 杏吧直播间 offers affordable graduate programs. Our cost per credit is competitive with other graduate programs in Pennsylvania and our region. Whether you鈥檝e decided which of our graduate programs is right for you, or you need help sorting through your options, we can help! Reach out to us, or complete the short form.
Cost and Fees

Start Dates for Master's Programs

Our graduate programs set themselves apart by providing options with start dates and tailoring their offerings to students with different schedules.

Spring Semester

  • Most programs eligible (excluding Physician Assistant Studies and Forensic & Biological Anthropology)

Summer Semester

  • Most programs eligible with program director approval (excluding Anthropology)
  • Designated start for Physician Assistant Studies
  • Preferred start for Secondary Education

Fall Semester

  • Most programs eligible (excluding Physician Assistant Studies)
  • Designated start for Forensic & Biological Anthropology
  • Preferred start for on-campus Applied Intelligence


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