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Teaching Excellence

Master of Science

Customize curriculum to your professional goals while you improve your teaching practice and advance your career with a master鈥檚 in teaching degree at 杏吧直播间 University.

Tailored to your passions, our completely online master鈥檚 degree meets your 鈥 or your district鈥檚 鈥 interests while fulfilling ACT 48 requirements. Designed for K-12 educators, you can enhance your skills as a master educator and gain practical experience.

Core courses focus on evidence-based pedagogy, professional development, and educational scholarship to prepare you for success in the classroom and your career. You鈥檒l earn a master of teaching degree that can improve your teaching practice 鈥 and boost your salary.

This flexible master of science in teaching provides you a personalized path to PDE endorsements, the PDE ELL specialist certificate, or PDE Principal Certification. If you want one of the fastest and most flexible programs in the region, look to 杏吧直播间.

Program Overview

  • Options: Master鈥檚
  • Location(s): 100 percent online coursework; school-based clinicals
  • Credits: 30
  • Duration: Minimum 12 months
  • Cost: $894 per credit; $27,620 total (special rates available for veterans and Pennsylvania teachers)
  • Deadline: Rolling admissions
  • Start term(s): Summer (preferred), Fall, or Spring semester
  • Careers: Educator

Admissions Requirements

To apply for the master鈥檚 in Teaching Excellence, please provide the following:

  • A completed (free) .
  • All official transcripts from accredited higher education institutions.
  • A personal statement of 300-500 words outlining the student鈥檚 personal, professional and educational goals.
  • A resume or curriculum vitae.
  • One recommendation from a supervisor, teaching colleague, or college faculty member (requested electronically via a widget in the application).
Course Requirements

    The master鈥檚 in Teaching Excellence is a 30-credit (minimum) program. All students complete a set of five core courses, which focus on the theoretical underpinnings of education, innovative pedagogy to meet the demands of diverse learners, and analysis and conduction of educational research:

    • EDSE 500 Foundation of Pedagogy & Practice
    • EDSE 610 21st Century Literacies
    • EDU 670 Internship
    • EDSP 502 Educational Research
    • EDSE 676 Thesis

    The remaining five courses for the master鈥檚 (15 credits minimum) can be fulfilled through:

    1. PLS Coursework (Online or On-Site)
    2. PDE Endorsements
    3. Teaching Experience
    4. Transfer Credits
    5. Graduate Electives

    Through PLS, 杏吧直播间 offers instruction in integrated educational theory, research-based best practices and meaningful applications, providing measurable, transformational results for educators and the students. Courses are available online or on-site at convenient locations throughout the region, and each course offers three credit hours at the graduate level. Course instructors are experienced classroom teachers and provide real-life applications for your classroom.

    In addition, PLS now offers in instructional coaching, blended and online teaching, new teacher induction, 21st century learning, teaching and assessment, and teacher leadership. This means while you鈥檙e working toward your master鈥檚, you can obtain a PDE endorsement and a PLS micro-credential at the same time.

    Pursue any of the following endorsements from the Pennsylvania Department of Education; courses you complete for these endorsements can count toward your master鈥檚.

    • Instructional Coaching Endorsement (9 credits)
    • Online Design Endorsement (12 credits)
    • ELL Program Specialist Certificate (18 credits)
    • Autism Endorsement (12 credits)
    • Teaching Leadership (12 credits)

    If you鈥檝e been teaching for more than a year, you can earn up to six credits for your experience (based on a portfolio review by our graduate faculty).

    Have you already earned some graduate-level credits in education from another institution? Up to nine credits earned elsewhere should count toward equivalent coursework at 杏吧直播间.听

    杏吧直播间 electives for the master鈥檚 in Teaching Excellence include:

    • EDU 501 Classroom Management
    • EDU 502 Differentiated Instruction
    • EDU 503 Cultural Competence
    • EDU 504 Educating Net-Generation
    • EDU 505 Professional Learner Teacher Effectiveness
    • EDU 506 Blended & Synchronous Learning Design
    • EDU 507 Building Online Collaborative Environment
    • EDU 508 Facilitating Online Learning Communities
    • EDU 509 Foundations of Literacy Beginning Reading
    • EDU 510 Instructional Coaching
    • EDU 511 Instructional Design for Online Educators
    • EDU 512 Purposeful Learning Through Multiple Intelligences
    • EDU 513 Reading Across the Curriculum
    • EDSP 501 Behavior Management
    • EDSP 504 Behavior Management Clinical
    • EDSP 521 Psychology of Diverse Learners
    • EDSP 522 Inclusive Practices
    • EDSP 535 Assessment and Data-Driven Decision Making
    • EDSP 536 Professional, Legal and Ethical Practices
    • EDSP 540 Introduction to Autism and Clinical
    • EDSP 541 Autism: Instructional Assessment and Methods
    • EDSP 650 Functional Behavior Assessment and Intervention Development
    • WL 501 Cultural & Linguistic Diversity Learner
    • WL 512 Second Language Acquisition
    • WL 514 Introduction to Sociolinguistics
    • ELL 500 Teaching English as a Second Language
    • ELL 505 Professionalism and Program Development for ELLs
    • ELL 515 Supporting Literacy for English Language Learners
    • OL 500 Leadership Theory and Practice
    • OL 502 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
    • OL 505 Organizational Ethics
    • OL 530 Organizational Communication for Leaders
Why Earn a Teaching Excellence Degree?

    Our online teaching master鈥檚 degree program is a 30-credit degree for certified teachers in grades K-12. It provides a fast and customizable path to a master鈥檚 degree. The transfer-credit friendly program offers an expedited timeline so you can finish in just 15 months. In addition, you may elect to include the six courses required for the Principal Leadership Certificate.

    We offer full 16-week courses and mini 6- to 8-week courses so you can adjust your course load to fit your life. Our rolling admission lets you start your master鈥檚 in teaching program when it鈥檚 best for you. Start in May, take your heaviest course load in the summer, then finish the following May.

    Our personalized program lets you work independently yet feel supported. You won鈥檛 have to choose between the work you love and earning your Master of Science in Teaching Excellence. Plus, you won鈥檛 have to take classes that don鈥檛 fit your goals. You will take only the courses that make you a better educator or principal.

    Whether you鈥檙e a novice or experienced teacher, you鈥檒l see a solid return on investment from a master of teaching degree or principal certification. Our tuition is competitively priced to match most school districts鈥 reimbursement policies. Best of all, it positions you for continued professional growth and future salary increases.

    Providing a supportive and engaging experience for veterans, service members, and their dependents earned 杏吧直播间 the designation of being a Purple Heart University. The honor recognizes our efforts to provide services to veterans and their families. The Purple Heart Scholarship is awarded to a veteran who was wounded in combat and is enrolled in online teaching master鈥檚 degree programs.

What Can You Do With a 杏吧直播间 Master鈥檚 Degree?

Our master鈥檚 in teaching degree programs let you fulfill Act 48, continuing education or professional education requirements, prepare for leadership roles, and increase your salary. You can receive PDE endorsements and enrich students鈥 lives through Teaching Leadership, Instructional Coaching, Online Design, as an ELL Program Specialist, or by earning your Autism Endorsement.

杏吧直播间 M.S. in Teaching Excellence graduates earn titles of:听

  • Certified Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Department Chair
  • Instructional Coach
  • Principal
  • Superintendent

Career Outlook With a Master of Science in Teaching Degree

The teaching master鈥檚 degree provides numerous options for professional growth and career enhancement. As a graduate, you鈥檒l enhance your CV, build your skills as a master educator, and increase your salary potential. You can also advance into principal leadership.

Explore Financial Aid

Earn an affordable graduate teaching degree with competitive per-credit costs. Special rates are available for veterans and Pennsylvania teachers. To learn more, visit our Graduate Cost and Financial Aid webpage or contact us at grad@mercyhurst.edu or 814-824-3351.

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